Why Wear Flip Flops In The Summer

While fashion sense should be questioned, and people’s suspect foot hygiene should be questioned, there is actually a much more pressing concern with regards to flip. When you only wear flip flops, you could develop hammer toes. If you think cramming your toes in tennis shoes is uncomfortable, flip flops can actually present an even. It keeps your feet cool in the summer. During the hot season wearing closed shoes can be uncomfortable, making your feet sweat and, consequently, causing problems such as. Vaupel also points out that flip flops themselves can be quite dangerous. In his career, he says that he has. Cunha, also the founder of gotham footcare, went on to say that wearing flip flops, one of the causes of heel pain, can also affect your posture. “walking with flip flops for. In every corner of the world, except the really cold ones.