Why Do Celebrities Wear Jackets In The Summer

That lady on the motorcycle is my thai wife. It is only about 90f and the sun has been out shining brightly all day. So why does she dress this way? Well, the layers of clothing. If celebrities are invited to the met gala by a brand, the unspoken rule is that they have to wear clothes from that brand. Moreover, not everyone gets an invite to the event. On no, we've been keeping a close eye on what stars like kendall jenner, victoria beckham, and dua lipa have been wearing while on vacation, and we've spotted plenty of. More or less why i love winter to, besides the fact it is easier to dress up for cold weather than it is to undress for warm weather. Same here, it's gotten to where i wore a heavy coat even on the. I’ve never discussed this subject with a celebrity who may have explained their reason for wearing a hat, but this is my own assumption: