What Type Of Sport Coat To Wear In The Summer

The combination of a sports coat and a regular pair of chinos may work perfectly well for business casual settings, garden parties, sporting events, and so on. A blue sports coat. A sport coat (or sport jacket) is, for all intents and purposes, any jacket that resembles a suit jacket but is not made with matching trousers. This lack of matching pants is one of the key. Summer sport coatsnigel cox. During summer, unconstructed sport coats will make you look—and, more importantly, feel—like the coolest guy in the room. Every guy benefits from a. A few other helpful things to bear in mind when wearing a sport coats in the summer: Regardless of what you’re wearing, if it begins to get too warm, take off. Originally designed by english gentlemen who needed a rugged yet stylish jacket for shooting, riding, and other outdoor activities, the sport coat or sports jacket is.