What To Wear With A Denim Jacket In Summer

Denim jackets are some of the most versatile items in the world of fashion. Not only do they flatter nearly every body type, but. How to wear a denim jacket in the summer. While denim works wonderfully all year long, it can be more of a challenge as the weather warms up. Look for a lightweight denim. Try wearing strappy heels or add a sleek clutch as an accessory. Adding one or two dressy pieces to a denim look can instantly transform it from a day to night outfit. For the spring outfits, the best ways to wear a denim jacket is to top them over floral dresses or a jumpsuit and pair it with either flats or strappy sandals. Wear with pleated skirt. I could, but i wouldn’t as i find them decidedly unattractive on males over 25.